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Weight loss is a loss of energy balance due to physical exercise to reduce total body mass. This means that there is a need to cause a loss of fluid (water), body fat or adipose tissue or muscle tissue mass.
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To find out about the “Nutrition for weight loss”, first you have to know about:
1. Water: approximately 60 - 75% of body weight, easily be escaped by heat, cold and through heat-balanced drainage of pores. This is easy to be "exploited" by beauty technologies under the name of: grease dispenser, heating pad, cool sculpting technology etc.
2. Adipose tissue has three functions:
  • To balance energy and regulate body temperature. This adipose tissue layer is mainly below the skin cells.
  • Cover the cells, tissues and organs in the body. They mainly distribute on the surface of organs like liver, intestine, spleen, kidney ... This adipose layer is approximately 70% of body fat.
  • Attractive pose of women’s hip, waist and especially in breast. This fat layer is located below the skin layer and on the surface of the muscle layer.
It is therefore important to differentiate between weight loss and removal of the subcutaneous fat layer. Obviously, liposuction only eliminates the visceral adipose layer, if it is removed, it only holds a part of 30% of total body fat.
3. Muscle tissue: Since it is controlled by the gene, there is no difference in the number of muscles and the number of muscle fibers in each muscle. Muscle mass can increase with exercise or decrease with less exercise.
Weight loss is considered a medical issue if at least 10% of body weight is lost within six months or % of body weight is lost within one month.
Weight loss happens unintentionally: pathological or induced by deliberate attempt to boost overweight or obesity. Unintentional weight loss is a loss of body fat, dehydration, muscle atrophy, or even a combination of these pieces.
Rapid weight loss can lead to vitamin deficiency and physical inactivity. We also need to eradicate the issue of "anorexia" with medications because they can destroy the cells of the pancreas, brain and digestive enzymes, resulting in severe disease risks. France had forbidden models from losing weight to less than 36 kg and prohibited anyone from losing such a risky weight.
Emcas Plastic surgery Hospital uses an intentional weight loss diet with enough calories for body recovery activities and decreases appetite for people who are overweight. We therefore ensure that there is no muscle atrophy and that the activity level remains complete day by day. This condition is maintained on a four-week, seven-week schedule every day and is expected not to collapse into starvation or depression.
Why do you need to apply Nutrition for weight loss at EMCAS?

1. Method from the United States combined with Oriental Cuisine by French chefs.
2. Approved by the Ministry of Health of Vietnam
3. A special method which does not focus on fasting
4. Results obtained depending on the position of each person.
5. Does not have a constant appetite
6. Easy to implement, simple, highly effective according to EMCAS Hospital's weight loss regimen

Candidate for Nutrition for weight loss ?
The nutritional weight loss program is tailored for those who want to get back a lean shape and those who are overweight and obese. 
There are two simple dietary treatment regimens:
  • 7-week treatment program: after 7 weeks of treatment, depending on the position of each individual, the female will lose between 12 and 14 kg; the male will lose between 14 and 16 kg.
  • 4-week treatment program: after 4 weeks of treatment, depending on the location of each individual, the female can lose around 6 kg; Men can lose around 8kg.
Progress in the application of Nutrition for weight loss 
 Step 1: Visit EMCAS and let Emcas' specialists know your wishes.
 Step 2: Take general health checks
 Step 3: Make a dietary weight loss schedule over time (4 weeks or 7 weeks)
 Step 4: Track and control the diet every day (4 weeks or 7 weeks)
 Step 5: For maintaining reduced weight results, you need to eat according to their doctor's orders.
Results of dietary weight loss treatment:

=> Excessive fat disappears
=> The muscle layer is toned down
=> Body as requested
=> Not being overweight due to unfavorable fat.
=> The body returns to its normal state of health.
=> Positively shifting metabolic processes help to regulate weight.
Maintain a nutritional weight loss program by: reducing starchy foods and sugars and maintaining a healthy resting schedule. After the course, Emcas experts will provide recommendations for customers to get the most acceptable diet for each client's body.