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Sagging breast augmentation is a breast aesthetic method that helps customers overcome sagging breasts, regain a firm, seductive bust.
The first round of sagging after childbirth is the worry and suffering of almost all women. However, now you no longer have to worry about this. Sagging breast augmentation is a technique that makes the breasts firmer, more rounded and more attractive.
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Sagging breast augmentation is also known as delayed breast augmentation or hanging sagging breast glands. This is a method of adjusting to change the size, contour and height of the breast, removing excess skin so that the breasts are slimmer, more rounded and no longer sagging. Since then, helping women regain their "twin mountain", toned, full, and tidy like in the girl's time. 
Depending on the level of the sagging and the health condition of each customer, the team of experts at EMCAS will give the most suitable and effective method.

The specific sagging levels are as follows:


The degree of sagging

Measurements from pit of sternum to nipple

Grade 1 - Grade 2

Over 20cm - 21.5cm

Grade 3

From 22cm - 23.5cm

Grade 4

Over 24cm



  • Breast prolapse is an inevitable natural process for any woman, especially after childbirth. 
  • The main causes of sagging breasts are mainly due to:
  • Childbirth and breast-feeding: When breastfeeding, the milk-glandular tissues increase and work vigorously, squeezing and shrinking the adipose tissue of the mammary gland, leading to sagging breasts.
  • Hot showers: Bathing in too hot water will make the skin surface dry, the connective tissue in the chest is loose, causing the breasts to degrade quickly.
  • Wearing bras the wrong size: The frequent "loose" round 1 is the reason that breasts are quickly sagging.
  • Lack of fat in a daily diet: Collagen and fat are necessary for the breasts to become full. Without fat, the breast size will decrease significantly, causing sagging.

breast augmentation sagging, elevation sagging body, fast motion, maintenance of motor vehicle


Subjects should be violent

  • All the girls had lax, lax lumpy mammary glands, cracked breast skin and a desire to improve their breasts.
  • Not having mental illness, pregnant
  • Cases of placing breast bags for more than 5 years were sagging.
  • The cases have had surgery but not yet reached.


Step 1: Examination and consultation

Signs of sagging mammary glands:

  • EMCAS determines the distance of the sternum to the nipple with the VECTRA 3D machine
  • Determine if the glandular tissue drop factor causes the nipple to be pointed upward or not
  • Stretch marks
  • Old surgical scars

Diagnosing the degree of sagging:

  • Accurately determine the degree of sagging
  • Determine the skin incision consistent with the degree of sagging
  • Assistive technology: Lipomatic helps lift skin and reduce fat tissue in each mammary gland. From there, it is possible to switch from a balloon incision to the isola incision

Step 2: General health check

  • The client is given the necessary testing to make sure you are healthy for this surgery.

Step 3: Anesthesia the client

  • This step helps to make the breast augmentation process safe and comfortable for the client

Step 4: Draw an incision line on the mammary gland

Step 5: Carry out breast augmentation sagging

Experts at EMCAS perform breast augmentation with 2 sa technical delay that is:

  • Delayed breast augmentation with breast augmentation bag: Breast lift bag acts as a mold for firm mammary glands. The volume of the breast implants is always equal on both sides because it is necessary to make a mold to spread the glandular tissue on it.
  • Self-fat delayed breast augmentation: If the client doesn't want to use breast bags, you can create a self-fat mold.

Step 6: Postoperative care 

Step 7: Post-operative advice and schedule a follow-up visit

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From the results of delayed breast enlargement and client wishes, the experts at EMCAS will give you:

  • Information on the degree of delay from degree 1 to degree 4.
  • What solution to overcome the problem of delay and when we fix it, how do we get the results
  • Then, customers will choose the optimal method for themselves based on the advice of EMCAS experts, specifically:
  • Solution for breast augmentation latency 1 to 4 without autologous fat surgery
  • Solution with minimal intervention, using exclusive Lipomatic technology at EMCAS to improve breast prolapse of 1 -> degree 4.
  • The solution of cosmetic surgery: Breast augmentation surgery latency 1 and 2 degrees 2. Surgical lines performed when breast augmentation delay includes:
  • Around nipple legs
  • Around the areola combination to remove excess skin
  • Inverted T-section (anchor line) for chest lags 3 and 4

You must know the expected results of each sagging remedy that EMCAS experts have given when consulting.
NOTE:  With any solution, results of delayed Breast Augmentation will still depend on your care and care in the future.

What is sagging breast augmentation, sagging breast augmentation methods, where is sagging breast augmentation is good, what is the best practice for a motor vehicle, methods of a car service, a good start


Where is it that good?

Doctors at EMCAS Aesthetic Hospital have performed breast augmentation surgery up to 10,000 cases, with many different shapes, sizes of dorsal glands and breast pocket sizes (maximum 785cc) Breast augmentation
specialists at EMCAS With a lot of experience, there is always a solution for choosing the optimal operating route to minimize scarring for you.
EMCAS always commits to customers with a quick and especially painless recovery after surgery so that you can return to work immediately.
At the same time, EMCAS is equipped with the modern VECTRA XT 3D machine system, giving accurate diagnosis and giving real-life images after surgery.
Standardized procedures for sterility, equipment and operations of the team of doctors, nurses and technicians in the operating room.
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