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What is buttock silicone removal? 

Liquid silicone is given a revolutionary material in the late 60s and early 70s of the twentieth century. They’re injected directly into the buttocks and are intended to be cheaper alternatives to surgical procedures. However, buttock injections are unsafe, the fillers used in the shots can travel to other parts of the body, with potentially fatal side effects.
Buttock augmentation injections with silicone should be avoided. But in Vietnam, liquid silicone injection remains silent as both silicone pumpers and customers ignore medical warnings.

Take liquid silicone and rebuild the buttocksIf you find that you can be affected by the side effects, such as silicone or hydrogel injection can travel to other parts of the body, leading to granuloma lumps - a silicone injection removal is an advanced procedure may be ideal for you

*the silicone tissue was removed by EMCAS


Why choose EMCAS?


EMCAS surgeons have performed a lot of cases that have injected liquid silicone in the buttock area and regenerated in the most perfect way. By inserting buttock implant combine with fat grafting to the areas, the buttock shape becomes natural and soft-touching. Our 3D Vectra machine can help you to visualize the outcomes so you can discuss with our surgeon what you desire to have. As we believe information is power, we will have a comprehensive discussion regarding risks and complications with you, while providing what may or may not be possible given your existing buttock anatomy, body type and skin elasticity.



Who should go for liquid silicone and butt reconstruction?

Take liquid silicone and rebuild the buttocks
- Men or women have "accidentally" pumped liquid silicone into the buttock or "accidentally" pumped "artificial fat" into the buttocks.
- Has injected liquid silicone into the buttock and currently has the status:
+ Clumping, pain or change of color.
+ Hard, strong masonry spread down the thighs, the pillow area
- There is an abnormal skin condition in the buttocks or the surrounding area.
- Silicone "curettage" surgery has been done but not completely.

The process of taking Liquid Silicone and buttock reconstruction at EMCAS includes:

Examination and consultation:
EMCAS specialist will evaluate:

- The volume of silicone injected before.
- Are there any new symptoms or other annoying symptoms?
- Evaluate for the spread of silicone and skin color of the buttock area.
- Build 3D images for customers to see how after reconstruction, how round 3 changes.

Take liquid silicone and rebuild the buttocks



Therefore, the regeneration with fat or butt bag still cannot be as aesthetically pleasing as the normal third round.
Necessary tests to determine the body's eligibility for surgery and an MRI scan to assess the extent of spread and depth of the current silicone layer.
Silicone anesthesia is performed with or without anesthesia combined with buttock bag surgery and liposuction.

  • Duration of surgery is about 150 minutes to 180 minutes

Things to prepare before surgery

Follow-up after surgery for silicone removal and butt reconstruction is essential

- Stay in hospital for 24 hours.
- Need to disinfect and keep open skin openings to get silicone, if there is a buttock bag, it is necessary to clean it to ensure sterility.
- Diet full of protein and nutrients to ensure healing.
- Wear shaping clothes 24/24 continuously for 20 weeks.
- Still living and walking normally right in the first days.


Video: Placing a buttock pad at EMCAS