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Buttock augmentation

Having the "coke bottle" curves that every woman desires!

Today, beauty is defined much more individually than in the past. Celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, Beyoncé and Jennifer Lopez have started the trend of emphasizing the buttocks and it has quickly spread.

At EMCAS, we offer a variety of buttock augmentation procedures to help you add fullness and definition to this region of your body!

  • The world’s leading implant suppliers At EMCAS, we work with Motiva and Arion - the suppliers to provide implants not only rigidity needed to provide a solid augmentation but are pliable enough to make them natural in their look and feel when implanted.
  • Skilled surgeon Our surgeons will carefully examine the region to ensure the results are symmetrical and look natural.
  • Improving your body contours Liposuction of the hip region is often combined with Buttock Implants to achieve the best contour. Some prefer to enlarge the buttock area with the combination of fat tranfer as well.
  • Safety EMCAS hospital puts safety and comfort on top. This creates EMCAS’s reputation.