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Your Breast implants: Under Warranty


When planning for a breast augmentation with implants, many factors must be taken into account. One of these factors is the warranty on your implants.

Breast implant manufacturers will provides product replacement in the event of a deflation or rupture due to loss of shell integrity.

Standard warranties for breast implants usually cover two things: the cost of the implant and a predetermined amount of financial assistance for any qualifying revision surgeries (usually due to implant rupture). Each type of implant comes with its own coverage plan and benefits, fox example:

  • 2500 USD /  Arion implants
  • 4200 USD / Nano chip Motiva
All breast implants are numbered and each woman has a serial number for identification. You will receive a card with the implant serial numbers of your breast implants as part of your postoperative information packet.
At EMCAS, we will provide your breast implant warranty and discuss with you carefully so you know what is covered and what is not.