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 Are your breasts too small for your body?
 Have you lost the fullness after pregnancy or breastfeeding?
 Have you noticed that confidence in your appearance contributes to your self-image and self-assurance?
This is a popular method used to increase the size, to augment the shape of the breast and to improve the symmetry of a women’s breast. With many options to choose from in implant types and size, it will increase your self-confidence by giving you the figure you have always desired. You can add volume and add curves all in one procedure. 
A breast augmentation with implants:
 Enlarges the breasts, changes the size and fullness of the breasts for people with very small or no breast fatty tissue. 
 Changes your breasts shape, create cleavage, or make them more symmetrical with one another. 
 Reverses size changes of the breast caused by weight loss, or pregnancy.
We perform thousands of procedures every year, helping patients to achieve the look they’ve always wanted. At EMCAS we work with Motiva and Arion, the world’s leading supplier of breast implants.
We offer a wide range of cosmetic surgery procedures which can enhance the way you look. Some of our most popular cosmetic procedures include breast enlargement/ augmentation, buttock enlargement, liposuction, tummy tuck, rhinoplasty surgery or face lift. 
 Highly experienced surgeons: Cosmetic or plastic surgery is one that you will live with for the rest of your life. The two most important factors of successful plastic surgery are selecting the right hospital and the right surgeon, who is held to the highest standards of education, training, safety and ethics. 
 State-of-the-art facilities: They include hospitals, operating room, outpatient care centers and specialized care centers in the privacy and sterility. 
The American advanced technology – VECTRA 3D IMAGING SYSTEM will:

+ Measure the accurate current breast sizes,
+ Identify whether the size is suitable with customer body or not,
+ Help you to visualize what the potential outcome of your surgery will be.

 Experienced, caring support: We are chosen by thousands of patients to provide them with the best care, from their consultation to surgery and throughout their entire aftercare. Our medical team and administration staffs at EMCAS are here to support you in every step of your journey.

We understand that your decision to go ahead with our high quality cosmetic or weight loss surgery shouldn’t be restricted by cost. That’s why we’ve made it easy to estimate the cost of your treatment during consultation and spread the cost with flexible payment options to suit you.

Up to 80% of patients at EMCAS have had cosmetic or weight loss surgery after consultation and can share their experiences with you.

If you choose EMCAS to have plastic surgery overseas, breast surgery is a 2-hour procedure with an overnight stay at the hospital which only requires a week stay in Ho Chi Minh city.
The ideal candidate for breast augmentation with implants is:
At least 18 years old,
Feeling uncomfortable with the appearance of your breasts shape, size, or volume,
Wanting to restore the volume you had prior to weight loss, pregnancy and breastfeeding,
Physically healthy and at a stable body weight.
If you are dealing with saggy breasts, you may desire a breast lift or mastopexy, in addition to enlargement. As breast augmentation with implants is a procedure that is individual to each patient, our surgeons will help you to choose the best option.
Frequently asked questions (FAQ) about Breast surgery:
 Q: Will I Be in Pain?
A: Most of our customer share with us the recovery is far less painful than they expected. Some discomfort, swelling is to be expected and can be well controlled. You will have prescription pain medication in 5 days after the procedure to help you stay comfortable through the first stages of healing. A return to normal light activity is possible as soon as you feel ready, usually within a day or two.
 Q: Will my results look natural?
A: Customer will have the accurate diagnosis and results afterwards through VECTRA XT 3D imaging system. Our surgeons will offer suggestions to achieve balanced proportions not only on the breasts, but throughout the body. Viewing and discussing these simulated photos with our doctors will help guide them in performing your surgery to your specifications so that you are sure to love the end result!
 Q: Will augmentation/enlargement work for me if I have saggy breasts?
A: It depends on how much your breasts sag. If you have mild sagging breasts, you can receive breast implants to enlarge your breasts because they can fill up a loose skin envelope (after pregnancy and breast-feeding) making the breasts look full again. 
 Q: Do i need to exchange the breast implants?
A: If they aren’t broken there is really not reason to exchange/replace them unless you're not happy with the size anymore.
 Q: Will my nipple sensation or feeling change?
A: Some women experience changes or loss of nipple sensation after breast augmentation. In many cases, these changes are only temporary and nipple sensation returns after several months. Unfortunately, more than 10% of women, however, have permanent alterations in nipple sensation.
 Q: Can I still breastfeed after breast surgery?
A: The answer to this question is simply that most women can still breastfeed just fine after breast surgery. Breastfeeding with implants has been shown to be safe for the baby and the mother.
For more information about breast surgery, please schedule a consultation with our experienced surgeons
  • Discuss with your surgeon what your hope to achieve, what may or may not be possible given your existing breast anatomy, body type and skin elasticity,
  • Choose your size and implants type,
  • Working with VECTRA XT 3D imaging system to visualize what the potential outcome of your surgery will be,
  • Comprehensive discussion regarding risks and complications,
  • Previous medical history, underlying medical conditions, a complete list of all medications you are taking, birth control, allergies etc. will also be recorded.
  • Strictly NO food and drink including water for 6-8 hours before surgery. Having food or drink in your system could cause complications from the anesthesia,
  • Stop smoking before your procedure for a few weeks to avoid nicotine-related risks,
  • Do not take medications that could increase bleeding, such as non-steroidal anti-inflammatories and aspirin. Avoid supplements that have similar effects, like vitamin E and fish oil,
  • You must be cleared for surgery by appropriate pre-surgery screening (blood test, EKG, X-ray, ultrasound etc.) in accordance with your surgeon's instructions and our Patient Safety requirements,
  • Choose clothes that will be comfortable (loose-fitting clothes and slip-on shoes). You shouldn't wear contact lenses, accessories like jewelry, watches, wigs or hairpins. Do not apply any products to your skin or hair the morning of surgery,
  • Line up a family member or friend to drive you home after your procedure or post-operative care since you will be receiving anesthesia.
The surgeon makes an incision at the desired location, creates a pocket to receive the implant and inserts implants, ensure the correct size and symmetry is achieved. After the implants are in place, the surgeon closes the incisions.
The incision placement decision is based on your anatomy, your desired outcome and the size and shape of the breast implants. It is determined in consultation with your surgeon.
Main types of incision patterns are used during breast augmentation:
  • Inframammary Incision (breast crease or fold incision)
  • Periareolar Incision (nipple incision)
  • Transaxillary Incision (armpit incision)
The stitches typically come out in about a week.
*Note: every surgery is different, just as every patient is different. 
Breast augmentation is performed under general anesthesia or IV sedation based on your medical history and preferences. In general, more complex procedures performed on larger areas will take longer to heal. The recovery time varies by patient and tends to be between 1 – 3 weeks. If implants are used without flaps, your recovery time may be shorter.
Most patients don’t experience a great deal of pain. You’re likely to feel tired and sore for a few days. Most of your discomfort will be well-controlled by the prescribed medication.
It is a good idea to have someone there to take care of things for you while you recover for the first few days. You need to sleep on your backs with arms near sides for 2-3 weeks. You will want to avoid upper body exercise for the first couple of weeks, and only then gradually add it back in. Physical activity and exercise can be fully resumed after 6 weeks depending on how quickly you recover. Think of sexual activities as exercise - you should be careful not to directly touch the breasts or incisions, and it is also important to avoid letting the breasts bounce up and down.
Our plastic surgeon also needs to see you to ensure you are healing well. Your incisions were closed with non-dissolvable sutures and need to be removed after 14 days. Please don't skip your post-op follow-ups for bandage changing and suture removal in every 2 to 3 days.
You may need to wear a compression garment (bandage or support bra) for a couple of weeks to help reduce swelling. 
Maintaining an ongoing relationship with our plastic surgeon is important even as the years go by, you may eventually want or need to have your implants replaced, exchanged to update your look.