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How will general health be affected by weight loss, joint pain and osteoporosis?
The bone mineral density of the human body is highest at the age of 25. In women beginning perimenopause and in men about 55 years old, it then declines. Depending on the person, the rate of yearly bone loss ranges from 0.5 to 2 percent.
Young adults with poor bone density are vulnerable to osteoporosis when they grow older. A reasonable and healthy diet can help the body resist osteoporosis. As the portion of the bones and joints that the body weighs down every day, individuals with a high BMI are more likely to experience joint pain and osteoporosis.
We match weight loss regimen with healthy diets at Emcas Hospital to keep your body safe and maintain the shape you desire.
Why should you choose the Weight loss program at Emcas?
When performing a nutritional weight loss program, experts at Emcas will bring you:
  • Balanced diet with plenty of fruit and vegetables 
  • Ensure that the food contains the right amount of protein and calcium
Who can do nutritional weight loss practice? 
For people who are overweight, who have knee problems, osteoarthritis, joint pain, vitamin D deficiency
The nutritional weight loss program is tailored for those who want to get back a lean shape and those who are overweight and obese. 
4-week course for weight loss to lose 4-7kg
7-week course for weight loss to lose 7-12kg
 Step 1: Visit EMCAS to let the specialists from Emcas know your wishes 
 Step 2: Do assessments for general health 
 Step 3: Build a nutritional weight loss schedule over time (4 weeks or 7 weeks) 
 Step 4: Track each day and control the diet (4 weeks or 7 weeks) 
Step 5: For maintaining reduced weight results, you need to eat according to their doctor's orders.