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What is weight loss for health enhancement? 
Gaining weight is a manifestation of natural growth and good nutrition in children. The weight is typically stable in adults over 25 years old, too fat or too thin is not advantageous to health. 
The estimated life expectancy of the obese has been shown to be lower and the prevalence of coronary disorders and diabetes is greater than the average person.

The benefits of this form of dietary weight loss:
  • The technique is simple to implement.
  • Good diet for obesity reduction
  • Provide the energy to lose weight
  • As a healthy - safe way to lose weight, ranked by health and nutrition experts
For someone who is overweight or has a BMI greater than 25

Why lose weight and boost your health?
In the prevention and treatment of a variety of cardiovascular diseases, diet is a major factor. Owing to the body's inability to use Glucoze, the first one is high blood pressure and non-insulin dependent diabetes. 

Progress in the application of Nutrition for weight loss 
 Step 1: Visit EMCAS and let Emcas' specialists know your wishes.
 Step 2: Take general health checks
 Step 3: Make a dietary weight loss schedule over time (4 weeks or 7 weeks)
 Step 4: Track and control the diet every day (4 weeks or 7 weeks)
 Step 5: For maintaining reduced weight results, you need to eat according to their doctor's orders.
Results of dietary weight loss treatment:

=> Excessive fat disappears
=> The muscle layer is toned down
=> Body as requested
=> Not being overweight due to unfavorable fat.
=> The body returns to its normal state of health.
=> Positively shifting metabolic processes help to regulate weight.
After care and maintainance 
 Follow a healthy diet: avoid calorie-rich food and ensure the correct amount of protein in the diet. Eat more fruits and vegetables and fruits that are less sweet. 
 Do workout or outdoor activities to improve vitamin D 
 Maintaining a healthy weight