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Eyelids Surgery by removing bagginess and excess skin the lower eyelids.
It is said that eyes are the windows to the soul. Beautiful eyes is the one that everyone
desire to possess. However, the beauty of eves is not last in the long time due to outside
factors and aging aging process. From that reason, the appearance of eyelids surgery will
help people to get back their young eyes.
Eyelids surgery reduces bagginess and excess skin from lower eyelids. This surgery is
usually done for cosmetic reasons. It's also an effective way to improve sight in older
people whose sagging upper eyelids get in the way of their vision.
Who should have this kind of eyelids surgery?
Everybody, men or women who:
- Want to improve their eyelids.
- Have bagginess in the lowereyelids.
- Have excess skin and wrinkles.
Why Choose EMCAS?
- Quicky remove the bagginess of lower eyelids.
- No scars will be left after this surgery.
- The EMCAS doctors with widen experience ensure that they will perform this surgery
successfully, bring customers the beautiful eyes.
- The advanced and safe equipments.
- Caring customer services.
- Fast surgical period: about 30 – 45 minutes.
- No wound or bad effect to your eyes.
Step 1- Consulting:
-The EMCAS doctors will share the patient's problems, general condition of eye shape
and detailed advice for customers about minor surgery to remove excess skin and
remove lower eyelid.
- Morpheus 3D image system used at EMCAS will give you the result in advance.
Step 2 – Health check and signing documents:
- The doctors will conduct health checks: blood tests, cardiovascular and blood
pressure tests, drug reaction tests, etc.
- Customer will ask to be sign clear records to ensure your rights and have post-
surgical care.
Step 3 – Identify eyelids position and antiseptic:
- The doctor will determine eye shape and calculate standard eye size in accordance
with face ratio.
- The doctor will prepare necessary tools and sterilize treatment.
Step 4 - Giving anaesthetic:
- The doctor give local anesthetic around the eyes to make customers feel comfortable
and painless.
Step 5 – Performing:
- The Emcas doctor skillfully made a small incision near the lower lashline.
-The dotors conduct cutting the excess skin and bagginess.
- The stitch is hidden under the eyelid, making it hard to see. Then slightly peel off the
skin part of the cut to close with aesthetic sutures.
- Surgical period: about 30 – 40 minutes.
Taking care after this surgery
- Take medicines according to the doctor’s advice.
- Apply cold compresses to reduce swells . after 2 weeks it will become normal.
- Keep wound clean and dry.
- Limit eyes make up in 2 weeks.
- Cutting sutures after 5- 7 days.
- Have healthy meal, no dieting. Also, drink more water for wound healing.
- Vietnamese foreigner who get this surgery should need about 7- 10 days for eyes
stabilizing. After that, it will become more nature and normal.